Miss Nyx


I am a no nonsense kind of gal, drama free! Down to earth and non judgmental. I'm quick to laugh, I love to smile, and I'm an absolute joy to be around. I'm very sweet and a little shy, but I aim to please and entertain. I can be witty, I'm well spoken, and can hold a conversation.

Our dates will never feel rushed or mechanical, but easy going, relaxed and fun! With me, there will always be a connection and not just something transactional. Meet with me and let's enjoy some great times together!

And a little about me on a more personal level - I am a dog person who loves classical music, horror films and reading fantasy novels. I have a passion for singing and if you're interested - ask kindly and I may perform a tune for you ❤ My favorite activities include; Broadway shows, going to the opera, hiking, canoeing, and traveling. I am a mad lover of all things occult and paranormal, so even a date at the cinema to watch a horror film would be ideal ❤

In conclusion, if you need a +1 to a social event, a companion for a quiet date night out on the town, or just someone to sit back and relax with - I'd be perfect for you! ❤ I was raised right to be polite, so rest assured that you will have my full undivided attention 😊 I look forward to meeting you!! 😘😘


 Open-minded, I'm creative, I like to try new things, I like to take on a challenge, and I never judge.

 Conscientiousness, I spend time preparing my incall to look nice and clean as well as scented, I make sure my place smells heavenly and inviting. I really pay attention to detail, things a client likes- I remember for next time, their little isms. And I like to have a pretty set schedule, so I'm always promptly responding to potential bookings and try my best to make them happen. I'm not very fond of last minute appointments, but sometimes they work out too.

 Humorous, I have a great sense of humor, I like to make people laugh, and I myself am very quick to laugh as well, when appropriate.

 I take things seriously, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Goal-minded. I have goals that I am eager to meet as soon as possible, and will do what it takes to achieve them. I'm very driven. Hard worker. So in sessions, I am always professional without coming across as cold. I am very friendly, and smiley, and help make the clients melt and feel at ease, and I aim to please and make their experience a best one. I'm introverted by nature, but when need be, I play the part of extrovert.

 I have great intuition.


1hr- 800
1½hrs- 1200
2hrs- 1500
3hrs- 2200
4hrs- 2800
6hrs- 3800
12hrs- 5000
24hrs- 8000
48hrs- 15000
FMTY:  6 hour min + flight and hotel

I host privately downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Please note there is a $300 outcall fee, this includes convenience and travel.


Age 25
Base city: Fort Lauderdale
Height : 5’11
Bra size: 34B (natural)
Shoe size: 10
Dress size: 2-4
Weight in lbs: 120
Eye color: Green
Tattoos: One – Very Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Fluent languages: English


Food: Healthy
Drink: Water, but if alcohol- fruity cocktails.
Dessert: Crème brûlée!
Perfume: Don’t Be Shy- by Kilian Paris.
Music : Folk, rock, heavy metal/screamo, pop
Hobbies: I love to sing. I’m very good at it. I’m not a professional, but I am talented. Love to relax at home and binge Netflix. My furbabies are my life, I have a dog and a cat.
Color: Purple, but to wear – Black.
Flower: Red rose

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I do respond to all respectful emails if you prefer at Nyx666xoxox@gmail.com

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24 hours – 100% of donation
48 hours – 50% of donation

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